About Us

    TargetMobi is a mobile research and communications technology company. Through our platform, www.targetmobi.com, we enable researchers, healthcare providers, non-profits and businesses to incorporate mobile technology into their communication and operation strategies.

    TargetMobi seeks to revolutionize data collection and customer relationship management (CRM) through Mobile Technology on a global scale. The TargetMobi platform enables organizations to collect data using mobile devices and to receive valuable feedback and insights in real-time.

    TargetMobi empowers organizations to connect with customers in markets with limited Internet access. By opening up emerging markets to better data collection and real-time feedback, TargetMobi gives organizations and researchers greater reach and penetration into their target markets and enhances better delivery of goods and services.

    Leadership Team

    Chris Lukolyo, MBA – CEO, Founder
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    Chris holds an MBA from the University of St. Thomas and has over 10 years experience in marketing and advertising, primarily in the Internet and Mobile industries. He has provided marketing consulting services for a wide range of organizations including major consumer packaged goods manufacturers, international development agencies, healthcare providers and biotech firms. Previously, Chris worked in Sales at Alice.com.

    Peter Musimami - CIO
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    Peter is a Health Informatics professional by trade. He has two masters’ degrees; one in software engineering (University of St. Thomas) and another in health informatics (University of Minnesota). He has worked with Parametric Technology Corporation in Minnesota and is a board member of Wellshare International which works to improve the health and lives of women and children in the communities they serve.

    Business Inquiries

    For all business inquiries please send us an email.

    TargetMobi HIPAA Statement on Security, Privacy and Data Access

    With respect to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 ("HIPAA"). TargetMobi's products and services are specifically designed to include features that help our customers comply with HIPAA. Our relational database employs a secure login process requiring a user name and password. TargetMobi additionally supports role-based access. That is, users are assigned to groups, each with certain access rights, which may include the ability to edit and add data or may limit access to data. When a user adds or modifies data within the database, a record is made that includes which data were changed, the user ID, and the date and time the changes were made. This establishes an audit trail that can be examined by authorized system administrators.

    We are not responsible for nor will we provide access to any files on our system to any person other than those authorized by the licensed researcher.

    We will not release any files directly to a third party.

    A Mobile CRM & mHealth Platform

    Mobile CRM

    TargetMobi provides mobile-based customer relationship management (CRM) and targeted communication solutions. We serve clients globally, from emerging markets, like Africa, Asia and South America, to established markets such as the USA and Europe.

    Our clients include a wide range of industries: healthcare, finance, international development, and academia.

    Several of the CRM solutions we provide are customized to meet the needs of specific clients in specific markets. Whatever your business or research need, send us an email.


    TargetMobi is an innovative, global mHealth platform.

    TargetMobi enables medical personnel, public health professionals, and academic researchers to leverage mobile technology to support their work. Applications and examples include public health notifications and reminders, disease tracking/monitoring, training/diagnostic support, and public health surveys.

    To learn more about how TargetMobi can support your public health or related project, send us an email.